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Enrollment Applications

New students applying to join classes at Melbourne Sculpture School must apply by completing the Enrolment Application form.

Beginners are welcome. Once your application has been reviewed, we will make contact to further discuss your aspirations, and the most appropriate class for you.

Returning students must be enrolled by the end of December in order to secure their place for the year ahead.

Enrolment Completion

Placement offers must be supported by payment by direct transfer

Fees are charged on a term by term basis 7 days in advance of each term, late payment may incur additional costs

COVID-19 Arrangements

Please use the hand sanitizer on your arrival, and assist with the after class wipe down and clean up.

Waring of appropriate masks (no relief valve) is required for all students at all times. We support social distancing guide lines please maintain at least 1.5 meters during class.

While tea and coffee is provided, please BYO cup

Restricted Areas

Melbourne Sculpture School is not a public institution but is privately run, predominantly with in the life modelling / sculpture studio, students must not enter restricted areas without authorization.

Health and Safety

Sculpture, while creatively fulfilling, is also physically demanding and the tools and some of the substances used may be dangerous unless great care is taken at all times.

Students enrolling at Melbourne Sculpture School are responsible for their own safety, and this can be reasonably achieved by being mindful of what you are doing when in the studio and wearing appropriate protective gear.

At certain points in the course you may need the following:

• Leather gloves
• Respirator (dust mask, please speak with the tutor prior to purchasing.)
• Earmuffs
• Safety glasses
• Protective footwear (never wear sandals or thongs)
• Long hair must be tied back
• Don’t wear loose clothing

You will need to keep your work area clean, as cluttered areas can cause accidents: bags and personal belongings must not be left on the floor and should be placed on the designated metal shelves, or on the shelves under tables.

Always follow the instructions of the tutor, and do not use power tools and equipment without permission from the tutor. Students must not act in a manner that compromises the integrity of the tools, equipment or materials provided. Students may be liable for the repair or replacement of any tools or materials damaged.

Students must supply their own hand tools; the tutor will advise what tools may be necessary and students must ensure they bring the tools necessary for each project.

All students are required to assist in the after class clean up. Never wash plaster or other materials down the sink. You should aim to arrive not more than five minutes before the start of class, please ensure the work area is clean, and clean up before you leave at the end of class.

Most importantly, you must follow the instructions of the tutor at all times, and not do anything to endanger the safety or enjoyment of other students. Oh, the other most important thing, enjoy yourself!

Fees and Cancellations

Course fees are required in advance and in full on a term by term basis. Late payment (except in exceptional circumstances) will attract additional charges. Applications to attend a second class on a sessional basis may be considered for currently enrolled students.

Payment: Cash deposit or direct transfer is required by 7 days prior to the commencement of each term. Please provide confirmation of payment by email.

Materials costs are not covered in the tuition fees, and must be paid prior to commencement terms.

The $73 utilities and materials levy is paid on a term by term basis. This is a levy; it is not a purchase. It is a fee which provides access to the variety of necessary items (clay for example) and equipment which are used in the processes of production (as opposed to final stage materials such as Silicone rubber and bronze, which are examples of items that are not covered by the levy)

Depending on the scope of your individual project, additional costs may be incurred during the course of the term.

Strictly no visitors.

One-on-one tuition is also available for most projects

Project consultation fee negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

We support a zero-tolerance policy on threatening, aggressive  or abusive behaviour.

Termination of student enrolment remains at the discretion of the tutor.

No refund available after the first week of term, refunds  attract a 25%  administrative fee.

Melbourne Sculpture School
Melbourne Sculpture School