Melbourne Sculpture School

Welcome To The Melbourne Sculpture School

Melbourne Sculpture School is a unique training centre for artists wishing to extend their creative productivity through access to in-depth training and hands-on experience in all aspects of clay and wax modelling, mould making, and casting.

You will enhance your existing skills and develop new ones through access to our program, our large sculpture studio and foundry setting also provides excellent parking; we are situated in Northcote and close to public transport.

Melbourne Sculpture School accommodates artists of all levels and experience, beginners and experienced artists alike enjoy this opportunity to bring their unique project from planning stage all the way through the foundry process to a finished sculpture.

You will develop a sound understanding of the nature of sculpture while exploring your own unique aesthetic language; we also provide materials and equipment for your project.

In our Saturday morning life modelling classes, you may choose the nature and scope of your project, you will learn methods of armature construction and about the right tools for each job. You will further develop your observation and modelling skills as you produce sculpture to a high standard of excellence.

We also offer Saturday afternoon classes where more abstract notions of sculpture are explored; along with sculpture enlargement, and mould making and casting are also carried out.

You may choose to take advantage of our affordable bronze casting program, this opportunity not to be missed, you will learn how to prepare your wax for casting, and carry out each step of the bronze casting process under the guidance of the tutor. There are also a number of alternative casting materials available, or you may choose to use our mould making and bronze casting service.


His teaching technique enables you to develop your unique aesthetic language.

Mark HenryThe instructor Mark Henry’s involvement in the production of sculpture spans more than 40 years; he was a lecturer at the RMIT Tafe School of Foundry for four years; his teaching technique enables you to develop your unique aesthetic language, encouraging your ability to ‘see’ and explore your unique creative expression.

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